Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today is my 22nd Birthday!!! Yesterday we celebrated by going bowling with some friends from school/church. I lost big time but we had fun! Every place in Kirksville is quite the experience :) More pictures to come...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

White Coat Ceremony

Saturday we spent on campus. Ryan was given his white coat which is shorter than a graduated physican.
Ryan being given his jacket from the Dean of AT Still

"Ryan Applonie, BYU, major in Business"

I had so much fun going through all the things that Ryan got for school.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ryan and I have successfully been married for ONE YEAR!!! YAY :) We celebrated by attending Ryan's "White Coat Ceremony" followed by orientation classes for each of us. We plan on eating tin foil dinners (Ryan really likes them) and staying in for the rest of the evening!!

Things we have done in our 1st year of Marriage:
-Ryan got accepted to 5 medical schools
-Ryan graduate for BYU and made the Deans List
-Traveled to Ireland
-Lisa went fishing for the 1st time and caught a fish!
-Bought a brand new car
-Moved to Missouri
-Traveled to St. Louis, Bear Lake, Star Valley, Yellowstone etc...
-Ryan started Medical School

Well it has been fun and an adventure so far. We have shared several laughs, a few tears, but i wouldn't trade any of it for the world! Love you Ryan and can't wait for more years to come :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally Internet

Sorry but there is a lot of posts all at once. We won't have internet hoked up until the 25th. I am currently sitting outside one of the hotels borrowing there internet :) More to come later!

St. Louis

My brother flew out of St Louis so we down and spent the day walking around and seeing all that St. Louis has to offer.
My brother outside the stadium
Busch Stadium 'Home of the St Louis Cardinals'
Gateway Arch
In front of the Mighty Mississippi River

AT Still

Ryan had to go get his id badge to be a student doctor on campus. Orientation starts tomorrow (8/21)
A.T. Still, founder of the school
Ryan sick of taking pictures
KCOM water tower
Map of Kirksville, MO


Ryan and I stayed up late into the night trying to get things put away so we had room to move around our apartment.
Living Room
Dining Area
We're still getting settled more pictures to come


Well when we got here it was 96% humidity and a storm coming in. We hurried and put boxes everywhere to get done before it started raining


I hurried and took pictures of the condo before the boys started to bring in everythingOur room with an attached full bathroom
Kitchen with 1/2 bathroom and utility room
Dinning Area
Living Room
Living Room and stairway. We found this condo online and didn't see it before we got here. It is a spacious 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath with LOTS of closet space...


Ryan and I in front of the display
My brother told us that he would help us drive to Missouri only if we could stop at Cabela's headquarters in Sidney NE! It was fun to stop, get out and walk around and look at all the animals.
I drove from Salt Lake to Sidney NE (9 hours) We drove through the craziest rain and lightening storm I have ever seen... So I left Ryan drive and car and I rode with my brother in the truck
The stereotype is true... Nebraska is corn field after corn field!


Going up the canyon

Last chance to go back to Idaho
Some random statue of Abe Lincoln along the road

Packing and Final Good Byes

Getting ready to leave Rigby, Idaho
Graduation Dinner with the family at Old Spaghetti Factory
Breakfast at Mimi's one last time
Leaving Salt Lake.... BYE BYE EVERYONE

Ryan's Graduation

My brother graduated from BYU on Friday before we left. It was the best graduation EVER!! There was 50 students and lasted under and a hour. He graduated in Life Sciences.

My Sister and I waiting for graduation to start

Way to Go Ryan!!My parents and Sister with the Graduate
Ryan and Ryan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Made It!

We arrived in Kirksville MO Sunday afternoon. We had 96% humidity!! (not that much if you ask Ryan) We got started right away with unpacking the truck. We watched a good Midwestern lightening storm before going to bed. I'll post pictures and more when we have internet.!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girls Night

Last night Ryan and his dad drove to Utah to have a father son night.... So the girls decided to do the same!! Dona and I went to the movie My Sisters Keeper with the Luckau girls!
After the movie we went to Johny Carinos. We finished the night with some ice cream. We went to Sub Zero, where you pick your flavors and they freeze it right in front of you!! It pretty cool.
Dona's first time... still trying to figure out if she likes it or not.
Angie Luckau
Emily and I
Carolyn Luckau enjoying her Sub Zero!

Thanks girls for such a fun night!! Can't wait until around Christmas when we can all get together AGAIN!