Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

St Louis Zoo

Paige and I flew down to Missouri to spend some time with Ryan while he was auditioning for the ortho residency there. We went to the zoo and it was awesome. Paige loved the animals and it was fun to spend some time with Ryan and for him to watch Paige. She is so funny and loved seeing the lions and elephants and hippos. We even watched the sea lion show. If we come to St Louis, I guarantee we will take advantage of the free zoo and go there all the time!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

16 months going on 16 years

Ryan is in Missouri working at a hospital there, so we decided that he would drop Paige and I off at my sisters in Indiana for the month on his way to St Louis. Paige loves her cousins. She follows them every where and copies everything they do. She loves going outside to wait for the bus and says bye when the big kids leave for school. She has really grown up in the last month and my little baby is no more. She is Miss Independent! I can't feed her anything. She wants her food on a plate and eats it with a spoon/fork. She wants her own cup instead of a sippy. Paige is only 16 months but they allow her to go to nursery since there is only a couple kids. She loves it. At the end of sacrament she just goes with the leader. I don't even have to take her. She just smiles and says bye! It is so weird not having her the rest of church. She will fold her arms during prayers and does pretty good at sitting still during the lesson. Her favorite is singing and of course snack time.

She is talking like crazy. She says mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, Kyla, balloon, up, down, all done, please, thank you, night night, morning, hi, bye, baby, dog, cat, chicken, duck, cracker, yougurt, snack, cheese, banana, drink, more, shoes, Jesus, temple, owie,... and more! It is nice that she can communicate now. And its funny when Paige walks around the house having a conversation with herself. Another thing that I love is her animal sounds. You say "lion" and she will roar. You say "monkey" and she will go oh oh ah ah (monkey sounds). You say "cat" and she will meow. She also knows dog and fish.
Paige is quite the character. She gives the best hugs and kisses and says the sweetest I LOVE YOUS! She loves to draw and scribble on paper. She loves to throw away her diaper after you are all done cleaning it Whenever she hears music she starts dancing.
When people are singing, she sings. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George. She loves the swings and the slide. She will climb up and go down all by herself. She loves to climb on everything and gets excited when she finally gets on top of whatever she is climbing.
Paige is a beautiful smart little girl. I think that we knew her in heaven, because she is just like me. She is a sassy little girl. She throws the cutest but annoying temper tantrums. She'll cry and do the running man at the same time. Luckily she does not know the word NO yet but if she doesn't want something she will purse her lips and shake her head.
If you ask her where something is she'll just shrug her shoulders and lift up her hands as if she is saying "I don't know". She is really good at getting things. She loves to get her shoes when we are getting ready to go. She is good at finding her milk when she leaves it somewhere while playing. She loves to brush her teeth! She runs for the bathroom when you ask her if she wants to.

Paige we love everything about you... We just wish you would slow down and stay little forever!