Sunday, April 17, 2011

Party like its 1980

Our friend had a birthday this last week, and we celebrated last night by having an 80s themed birthday party. Since we don't have anything 80s, my friend Kenzi and I decided to go to our sweet Salvation Army to get some clothes. I bought Ryan a mesh tank top, a members only jacket and some old school basketball shorts. I also bought a pink dress, blue shoes, a scarf and jewelry all for around ten bucks!! Oh and we can't forget the 80s baby dress for Jen's fake baby...

One night we were at a girls baby shower, and someone asked where Jen was. They answered that she was sick and Kenzi and I joked about her being pregnant. Someone over heard us and a rumor got started (gotta love small towns). People went up to her and told her congratulations and she had no idea what they were talking about! Sorry Jen :( but we still joke about it and now people know that she really isn't pregnant... or are you Jen?!? jk

After we got all dressed up we decided to go to dinner before heading to the party. We went to classy Ruby Tuesdays where we were asked if we were going to prom! SERIOUSLY PROM!!Thanks for thinking that we look like were in high school but, I WOULD NEVER GO TO PROM DRESSED LIKE THIS or go to prom with someone in a MESH TANK TOP!!!

Heres a full look at out outfits! Sadly I looked like my mom, but it was fun to get dressed up for the night!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday RYAN

No it is not Ryan's birthday, but its Ryan's birthday.
(Confused? it gets confusing with two Ryans in the family)

Ryan and Ryan lived in the same dorm their freshman year at BYU and then lived together after their missions. This is them after Ryan and I got engaged!!!

Ryan is pretty much my best friend. We have done some much together and I know he is always there when you need someone.

And he is Ryan's best friend as well

Love you Ryan!
Hope you had the best birthday cause you deserve it :)