Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life on the Go

The last fews weeks have been CRAZY!! It has felt like a never ending process but finally we are settle in Michigan.

It started by going to Kansas City. We went there for the weekend to see my dad that was working there. We hung out with him when he had some breaks and were able to go see the church sites before we moved from Missouri. We went to Liberty Jail and to Independence and saw the "Hershey Kiss Temple" or what ever you have heard it called.

After that Ryan had his boards on Monday and Paige and I headed home to pack and start cleaning the house. We loaded the truck and hit the road on Tuesday. Paige and I drove my car for the 10 hours and Ryan drove the truck. YES! I survived a ten hour drive with a baby by myself!!!

We got to Michigan and my sister watched Paige so Ryan and I could unload the truck and start unpacking. THANKS CHRISTINA!! We had everything unpacked in two days and just needed to hang pictures on the walls and do some last minute shopping. Ryan's parents came into town on Friday. Scott was our handyman and did everything and Dona was an extra eye for decorating and helped take care of Paige. After everything was done we went exploring.

About 20 minutes from our house is Frankenmuth. A Bavarian town with a HUGE Christmas store and famous chicken dinner.

We also drove to Lake Huron and walked on the beach... Which was disgusting! At this time every year, because of the temperature change in the water, all these fish die and get washed up on shore :( but of course Ryan couldn't resist on playing with some of them!

The rest of the time we spent relaxing and enjoying the cool weather. My mom also came to visit and we spent time with her and my sisters family for Andrews 7th birthday.

We live on the edge of a persevered wetland area and so we always get little creatures in our back yard; bunnies, deer, raccoons, bats and fireflies!

Pictures of our house to come soon!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

We have had quite an exciting first fathers day... Last night Ryan got sick and spent the night in the bathroom. He had a fever and an upset stomach. Which led to us not having to go to church today. THANKS RYAN! Then the sickness continued with an achy body and bloody noses. Yes my gift to him was taking care of him and cleaning up after him... Happy Fathers Day!!

With all of that we still had a fun day. We made German Pancakes for breakfast and ice cream for lunch and some chicken for dinner. It was nice to spend the day with Ryan's parents as well. He watched soccer with his dad so I didn't have to :)

Happy Fathers Day to Ryan, Scott and my Dad! We love you and appreciate every thing you do for our family :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Month Down

We survived the first month!! Paige is now one month old, wears size one diapers and looks freaking adorable in her 0-3 month clothing. We have a routine now and she is sleeping six hours at night (10pm-4am) and then Ryan takes her in the morning before he starts studying for boards.
Life/Parenthood has been great and we feel truly blessed to have Paige in our lives. She is getting bigger and more alert everyday. It melts your heart when she smiles at you. She is getting stronger and will put weight on her legs and holds up her head a lot.

We love you Paige!!!