Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trail of Destruction

You know how a tornado leaves a trail of where it goes... So does Paige!!

I just washed Paige's clothes to get ready to switch to a bigger size when she decided to help. She was sitting where the blue bulb syringe is and as you can tell rolled through my once neatly folded and organized clothes piles and ended at the front door.

Oh let the fun begin!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby Proofing

When we first moved into our little apartment we decorated like any person would, putting things where ever we wanted because we could. Paige was just a baby and couldn't get into things so we didn't care how low things went...

Well the baby proofing has begun. Paige isn't crawling yet but what was once a cute little decorated spot is now a play corner.

Because Paige was
spoiled at Christmas her toys didn't fit in a little bucket anymore. My sister was kind enough to give us this toy bin shelf that her kids had out grown, and we have filled it!

Paige loves sitting in this corner and pulling everything out of the bottom bins.

She is starting to pull herself up so she can get the toys in the higher bins. She loves standing at her play table and pushing all the buttons.

She loves playing or more like chewing on her blocks. She is quite the little musician.

I can't believe how big she is getting!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

8 Months

This little angel is 8 MONTHS OLD!!

Every month I can't believe how much she changes, different things she learns and how she is growing and growing.

At 8 months Paige is starting to feed herself. She has the "pinching" motion, as Dr Dad says, down and will pinch/grab food. Bigger snacks make it to her mouth but the small things usually end up being dropped.

Paige still isn't crawling but is getting close. After about 30 seconds of trying on her belly she usually ends up rolling over to her back and kicking her way to the toy. She also has the bum scoot down and will scoot over to toys and other things.

Paige still loves to stand. She is getting better at holding her balance and pulling herself up on to things. I always tell Ryan that she will probably walk first but get sick of falling down and then learn to crawl but then go straight to running!

Paige we love your smile, we love your laugh, we just love you!! You have such a fun personality and are always smiling at us and everyone that stops and says hi to you. Your big baby blues are beautiful and I hope you never lose that sparkle in your eye.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in Review

So last night was New Years and Ryan and I traveled all day and were worn out by the time we got home, and crashed before 9:30!! (yep were getting old)

With the new year I couldn't help but think how different our life is now compared to what it was like at the beginning of 2011. I would have never thought that a little conversation I had during a car ride to the airport last Christmas would lead to a baby blessing and being sealed during this Christmas.

Our lives were truly blessed this year. It was a wonderful 2011 and we hope 2012 is even better!!