Saturday, March 17, 2012

Workin at the Car Wash

Since the weather has been nice and I just drove to Indiana and am getting ready to drive to Missouri, my car needed to be spring cleaned, and the kiddos we super excited to do it!

I love having a clean car!! And not spending all day and feeding quarters into a machine.

Family Fun

Last week was my sisters birthday day and I drove down to her house in Indiana to watch her kids so her and her husband could go out to dinner. The next day my younger sister from St. George came to visit as well. We have been having so much fun together. I love my sisters and the relationship we have. We have stayed up way too late every night but it has be worth it! Paige has loved following her cousins around and playing with them.
One day we went to Chuck E Cheese and let the kids (and the adults) play.

Big Girl

Oh how I love this little girl and can't believe how big she is getting. She is 10 1/2 months and I am so sad but yet so excited for her first birthday.

Tea Party Picnic

The weather has been beautiful here in Indiana and we have been taking full advantage of it. My sister Alison and I were laying out on a blanket catching some rays and my niece wanted to have a chocolate milk tea party. We really didn't want to go inside so we turned it into a tea party picnic.

Luck of the Irish

I realized that nobody in the house today wore green but luckily I have this bib that my mother in law got a year ago when Paige was born and threw it on her...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Double Digits

Paige is TEN MONTHS!!

That's 1-0!

Paige is still a little sweetheart but is quickly learning and exploring EVERYTHING! She thought it was cool that the cupboards made noise when you open and closed them but then realized that there was stuff in there so she is now playing with everything in the cupboards.

She loves to rip paper and is either trying to put it in her mouth or yours. She recognizes peoples bags or purses and thinks that it has all the goodies like moms diaper bag and will try to take everything out of it.

She is still a good sleeper. She takes 2, two hour naps and sleeps from 8pm to 8:30/9am. Sunday is the worst day of the week cause we actually have to set an alarm to wake up and get ready for 9am church :( lets just say we are both grumpy all day!

She still loves food as you can see in past posts.

She still prefers to scoot all over the place and doesn't like to get on her hands and knees. We are constantly changing her diaper because her little scoot ruins them and they get all messed up. Literally! As soon as you open a door or the fridge or the dishwasher she is scooting as fast she can to get in there before you close it.

She likes to dance to music. She has an animal that plays music and she'll move to it. She still likes to play "patty cake" and "If your happy and you know it" and will clap her hands with you.

Paige we love you and can't believe how big and how much fun you are!