Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ward Halloween Party

Tonight was our ward Halloween party. Ryan and I are lame and didn't dress up, but hey when your this cool you don't really need a costume :)
Of course Paige went as a pea pod, and she was the cutest little pea pod EVER!

Instead of doing trunk or treating, our ward does trick or treating in the church. You can sign up to decorate a room and the kids go from room to room saying trick or treat. I have never seen it done this way but we loved it. You don't have to go outside and the different families decorated the rooms so cute. We're still trying to get Paige to say trick or treat but it usually ended up with her just smiling at the candy!

They also had a little dance after the trick or treating and Ryan couldn't resist going out there and showing Paige how to shake it. They did that silly dance where the song tells you what to do "clap your hands, stomp your feet, move to the left" you know that song if you ever went to a stake dance...

So far we are enjoying Paige's first Halloween. While I was putting Paige to sleep, Ryan was busy separating the different kinds of candy and we each took turns picking out candy that we wanted :)

Man we can't wait until Monday to do it again!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kirtland and some Family History

Since moving to the Midwest, Ryan and I have been able to visit some historical LDS sites. We were part of the Nauvoo stake in Missouri and traveled to Nauvoo and Carthage a few times. We went to Kansas City and visited Liberty Jail and Independence. Now that we are in Michigan, we decided to visit Kirtland which is only a few hours away. Since this weekend was going to be the last warm and sunny weekend of fall before it starts to turn into winter, we called some of our good friends and planed a little road trip!!

We went with the Irvins and the Childs and went to the Kirtland temple first. It is owned by the Community of Christ and they took us on a tour of the inside. We were all commenting afterward about how different the feeling we felt between the Community of Christ tour and other tours we have taken with LDS missionaries.
After the temple we went to the LDS visitors center. I remembered that a friend from BYU was serving a mission there and we actually ran into her at the visitiors center. It was fun to catch up since we haven't seen eachother for quite a while. We then toured around the town of Kirtland.

Paige was such a trooper the whole time. We stopped by the Whitney store and the tour guide told us how the owner kept a record of his customers and what they bought. Heres the family history part....
I knew that my dad's side of the family has a lot of pioneer stories, so I opened the book and went right to the Ws for Woods and saw the name Daniel Wood. I have heard that name a lot and felt pretty cool that his name was right there! I took a picture with my phone and texted my dad to make sure that that was the right Daniel Wood and it was. Daniel Wood was baptized by Brigham Youngs brother in Canada and then joined the saints in Kirtland. While they were building the Kirtland temple, people who were against the church tried to vandalize the temple. Daniel was one of the 50 armed guards that protected the temple at night. He then traveled with the saints to Missouri and then to Illinois. After Joseph Smith was killed and the saints began to travel out west, Brigham Young asked Daniel to stay and prepare for the second group to travel out west. He was told to plant seeds and harvest food for their company. He then traveled with the second group and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. Later on he was called on a mission by Brigham Young. The city of Woods Cross Utah is named after Daniel Wood.
(Hope I got all that story right Dad)

It was a fun trip and now I can't wait until spring so we can make the trip to Palmyra New York!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Growing Pains

I think I am suffering from growing pains! No I am not growing, but it's sad cause my baby is growing. Today I pulled out all of her 3-6 month clothing and replaced it with 6-9 month clothes. It was so sad. They looked so small yet so big!

On top of growing out of her clothes, this little one is sitting up all by herself!

Paige has such a fun personality and I can't get enough of this cutie pie!!
I just wish she would stop growing :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Times of Change

The leaves aren't the only things changing around here....

I can't believe that this little girl is 5 months old :(

She is changing so much! Is always wide eyed and wanting to stand up and look at everything around her. She is starting to get better at sitting up by herself. She can do it for a while if she sit and stares at her feet :) but if she leans for a toy or gets excited she falls over! She is eating oatmeal and rice cereal and has started on vegetables!

Another thing changing, is that my sister and her family are moving to the Chicago area. We are trying to get as much time with them before they move.

Last weekend we went down to their house and watched my nephews play soccer.

It has been fun living by them the past few months and watching them grow and watching Paige interact with her cousins.

Of course Paige had to get in some play time as well!

We are loving fall and all the beautiful fall weather.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

BYU Game

Of course while we were in Utah we had to go to a football game! We went and watched the BYU vs University of Central Florida game. The girls and kiddos made it to half time and the big boys stayed until the very end.

Paige did pretty well even though it was way past her bedtime!

Luckily the cougars won or else it would have ruined our weekend!

Missouri BFFS

Don't worry this is a little family tradition we have!!

While I was in Provo I had to call up our groupies from Missouri and we went and had lunch and took it to good ole Rock Canyon Park and ate and talked while the kiddos played. It was so good to catch up and see these girls again and see their little babies and how big everyone is getting. We miss them already and can't wait to see them again.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Utah Vaca

We went to Utah and tried to fit in as much family time as possible. We flew into Utah, hung out for four days then went to Boise for a couple and then a surprise visit to Idaho Falls to see Ryan's parents! It was a fun but fast trip! Love you all and can't wait until our next family vacation :)
Four Generations
Enjoying lunch with Great Grandma and Grandpa Lewis

Learning how to make Great Grandma Coburns cookies

Hanging out with Great Grandma and Grandpa Apploine
Heres all the Coburn grandkids

Enjoying time at the pool!


Had to hurry and tell this story before I forgot about it...

Paige and I survived our first plane ride together! We traveled to Utah to see both my family and Ryan's. Paige did great on the first trip there and I was glad because I was so worried. I started to get worried again the day we were traveling back to Michigan. I tried to keep Paige's naps short so that she would take a long nap on the plane.

When we got to the airport security was a breeze and we got to our gate fine. I changed Paige's diaper so she was ready for a nap. Gave her a bottle and we boarded the plane. Right when they pushed away from the gate and started to take of Paige POOPED!! REALLY!! I have to sit here and worry that everybody on the plane would smell this stinky diaper, then Paige fell asleep. Yep! The seat belt light finally goes out and Paige is out cold. So I wrap a blanket around here hoping to keep the stink from creeping out. Paige finally woke up and I took the opportunity to change her. Changing a diaper on an airplane is kinda hard. Those bathrooms are tiny! We sit back down and I had Paige lying on her back in my lap when I started to feel something warm on my jeans. I picked her up and looked up her back... You guessed it EXPLOSION!! I had to stand up and change her again in that tiny little bathroom. I never pack an extra outfit because she never does that! She has only exploded twice in her life, now three times! I hated myself for not stopping and packing her pjs to change into. Now I had to keep her in a blanket to hide the big yellow stain on her back.

We finally landed in Houston and I had to run, seriously run, to the train to take me to the other terminal and run to the end of that terminal to board the plane. I was the last one on the plane and probably looked like a crazy woman running with a baby in the airport. I felt Paige's diaper and it was still fine from the last time which is good because I didn't have time to change it. We boarded the plane, sat down and then I felt a little wet part on her back. AGAIN!!! REALLY! AGAIN! She pooped her pants again as we were taking off. Sorry exploded again! Now she has exploded four times in her life and two of them were in a 3 hour time period. Lets just say that outfit is still soaking :)

That must have hit the spot because she slept the entire flight! Yes three hours in a poopy diaper and a stained outfit. Now I wasn't so made at myself for not packing her pjs because those would have been ruined too! I was so ready to get off the plane give her a mini bath in the kitchen sink and go to bed. I was so lucky to have gotten seats next to people who didn't mind sitting to a baby and actually played and helped entertain her.