Saturday, October 31, 2009


Just want to wish everyone a Happy (and safe) Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life Update

Well not much has happened here. It is now turning into fall and the colors are beautiful. I am not used to this because around this time at home everything in brown and it's getting ready to snow! But here the reds and oranges of the tree leaves is gorgeous!

Ryan has been studying a lot, but now has a routine. There is usually a test every Monday or Friday. He has been really sick lately. At first I had a sore throat and a cough, then he did. At first it was just a common cold but it has really moved down in to his chest. He now coughs up a lot of mucus (sorry for the details) But I think the worst is over and he is slowly getting better.

Well that's about all that is going on in our life!! Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hotel Fun

We stayed in Keokuk, Iowa over the weekend while we went to Nauvoo and Carthage. We tried to leave the room as much as possible while Ryan stayed behind to study! The last morning though, Andrew and Brendan included him in their pillow fight. I think there was about 20 pillows that they kept throwing at him!!

Ryan ate catfish for the first time. (my family isn't big fish eaters) They cooked it skeleton and all! YUCK

Hallie enjoying the Halloween candy from Grandma and Andrew and Brendan playing their giant checkers game from Grandpa!


My parents came to town this weekend. We drove up to Nauvoo and my sister, Christina, and her family drove down from Michigan. It was a great weekend, short, but a great weekend with family and beautiful weather!!
1. The kids had fun at all the presentations that they gave, here they are with Grandpa making rope. 2.One of the original sunstones from the Nauvoo temple and Ryan had to pick it! 3.Ryan and I with our Nauvoo brick.

1. Ryan and I outside the temple. 2. Andrew and Brendan getting their picture (Hallie was asleep in the car) 3. the kids had to burn off some energy by throwing rocks into the Mississippi River

We also stopped and saw Carthage. This is the window that Joseph Smith fell out of.
Like a said the weekend was great! We had so much fun as a family and it was nice to get out of Kirksville.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Time

Well it has been getting pretty cold/chilly here in Missouri. And that has put me in a cooking mood! This weekend I spent the day making Cinnamon Rolls for my first time ever, and I must say they turned out very well! Also made potato soup for dinner last week as well :)

Since we are now starving medical students, we have started making things homemade now instead of having to buy it from the store. So far we have made from scratch: pancakes, pizza dough, flour tortillas, and cinnamon rolls... Next is bread!

Oh and Ryan got his hair cut.... it was SO LONG. This is his hair cutting outfit :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


sorry couldn't get it to rotate

I have been watching a 3 month old for another student that also goes to AT Still. It's been really fun and trying at times, but have learned a lot. I have never seen Ryan interact with a baby before and he's been doing a good job. I know he'll be a great father (someday) and for it's nice to only have a baby in the day time!