Monday, January 31, 2011

Mountain Girl

I always joke with the people I work with that I'm a mountain girl and can handle

Well we are under a Blizzard Advisory and a Severe Winter Storm Watch pretty much all week. Now it is time pull those little tricks out and show that we can handle anything and everything thrown at us. I am glad that this summer we finished out 72 hour kits, we have plenty of food storage and means to cook it if power goes out. I am so glad that I was able to have crazy life experiences growing up so far from civilization, and that my parents taught us by example to be prepared...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it too soon?!?

Late night while Ryan was at a school meeting, I went into the kitchen and packed up appliances that we hardly use!

I can't believe that we move in 5 MONTHS :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Idaho Falls

I really didn't take any pictures while Ryan and I were in Idaho Falls. It was a nice break just to sit and relax at home with Ryans family. Ryan was able to go snowboarding with his dad and our friends Aaron and Lauren for a day at Targhee. And received his first Christmas present... I had his dad go and get his board waxed and all tuned up so he could fly down the mountain.

Ryan also signed up for a soccer league that played over the break. I went to the traditional girls breakfast at Bubbas on Christmas Eve and played LOTS of games and stayed up way to late every night.

We received some great presents from family and had to ship them back to Kirksville.


Since we were spending all of the holiday break in Idaho Falls, I flew out a little earlier to see me side of the family in Boise. I had a great time helping my family, especially my grandma, get ready for Christmas.

We spent our time making yummy treats and caramels for the holidays for every one to snack on. We wrapped some of them in nuts and dipped in chocolate.

It was messy but totally worth it.

I spent some time in Garden Valley with my brother and parents. One day it snowed a lot and made it feel more like Christmas time.

Ready Set Dodgeball

Ok so I am behind a bit but life was a little crazy and busy between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. In that time we had alot of fun with our friends in Kirksville. Ryan signed up and played in a dodgeball tournament that a club in the school was hosting. Their team all dressed up like hicks (which sadly reminded me of people where I grew up) and they won the whole thing! We won gift cards to some local resturants.

Then I went an saw Tangled in 3D with a Natalie while our husbands studied the night away...

It was a cute film and after that we spent the night making yummy desserts and watching old christmas movies