Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News

Since we moved to Michigan during our adoption process, it made finalizing really difficult. We had to redo A LOT of paperwork, redo our fingerprints, etc. We would turn in our paperwork to the court and they would call back and need something else. We would wait on Idaho and/or Missouri to turn in forms and so on... It was getting really depressing. Ok- I was getting really impatient!! I felt like things were so unorganized and we were never going to finish before the end of the year.

We wanted to have it finalized for several reasons: 1. Ryan's schedule will be super hectic from January 1st until, pretty much the next five years. He starts all his hard rotations (surgery, obgyn, internal med) then its board studies, his brothers wedding and then out rotations for the next 3 months applying for residencies.... like I said SUPER BUSY!! 2. It would be so perfect to do it over Christmas break so our families could come. 3. Lets face it reasons one and two are enough!

We finally got the call and have a court date!!! December 7th at 10am Paige will legally be ours and we will be finished with interviews and paperwork.

We are able to take her to the temple on December 27th in Idaho Falls.

We are so excited for this holiday season. We have so much to be thankful for. We are so thankful for the people that have come into our lives that helped us adopt Paige. We love experiencing everything with her and can't wait for her first Christmas! We have the best families that have welcomed her and spoil her rotten. Ryan has been blessed with great doctors to work with and learn from. And we have great friends!!

We love you guys so much! Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doctor Version vs Husband Version

Yesterday was Ryan's first day of pediatrics. After he came home I asked how his day was and he told me this little story...

"I got to watch a c-section today. We were waiting in another room, so we could take him after he was born, while the ob was doing the procedure. There was a large window so we could see inside. As I was watching the procedure, I looked at the dad. He was sitting by his wife's head behind the curtain. As they were pulling the baby out, I quickly glanced at the him and he was so excited! He was telling
his wife about the baby."

The story goes on...

"Lisa, I almost shed a tear. Those are the good moments!"

Later that night, we had some friends over for dinner. Both of them being doctors/ and starting a new rotation as well, asked Ryan about his day. He started the story the same way with talking about the c-section but left out the mushy stuff and threw in some medical terms...

I just thought it was sweet. I love that Ryan is so smart and even though he can get real busy with medical school, he is still human. He still remembers how he felt when Paige was born and the excitement that came over him. Ryan, you are a fantastic dad and you are going to be an amazing doctor!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Not Boring...

Some days I think that we are so boring... Ryan goes to work, I stay home, and on the weekends we just lounge around and watch tv! Sound like your lives??

Well I decided to catch up on some scrap booking and realized we DEFINITELY are not boring!! I can't believe how busy these last six months have been. All the vacations/mini trips we have on. The visitors that have come to see us. How much Paige has changed. I could go on and on....

So next time you think that you have an ordinary and boring life, take a trip down memory lane and you'll realize how AWESOME you are too!!!

oh and ps Ryan and I went on our first real date since Paige was born! The doctor he was working with game us his tickets to a Red Wing game. We found a baby sitter for Paige and took the night off.

We ate in Greektown and then went to the casino to gamble. ok really we lost about three dollars in three minutes. I don't know how people gamble all the time. Since we felt sorry for ourselves for losing we went and shared an ice cream and headed for the game. The seats were great! We have never been to a hockey game before, so all we expected were some fights. There were a few fights and heck the Red Wings even won. YAY!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow Flakes

One day in Provo while Ryan and I were dating, the snow began to fall. I was sitting at my apartment with my room mates when we saw Ryan running towards our door. He opened the door and kissed me then turned and ran back towards his house. Every time the first flakes of snow fall we remember that moment and continue to celebrate the same way!!

This year we were able to include Paige in our little winter celebration :)

Fun with Cousins

Over that past month Paige has spent a lot of time with her cousins...

It has been fun watching them interact with her and also her playing with baby Jaxon.

Ryan played in a soccer game with my nephew Andrew. It was his last soccer practice and the kids play a scrimmage versus the parents. Since my brother in law was out of town working Ryan was kind enough to step in. It was a fun game and Ryan had fun running around and playing some soccer again.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

We went to a pumpkin patch one weekend and picked out the perfect pumpkin. It was really fun and I think we will do that every year instead of getting it at a grocery store.

We carved our pumpkin and Paige helped. She wasn't afraid or freaked out by the "guts". We had to make sure her pacifier was in because everything that she can grab, goes into her mouth!

I carved the eyes and nose and Ryan gave our pumpkin a mustache instead of a mouth. It was a fun family event!

1st Halloween

Paige LOVED her first Halloween! She was such a trooper and would go up to the homes and smile and they would give her an extra piece of candy for being so stinking cute!

We went down to my sisters house and helped her take her kids trick or treating. I honestly think Ryan had as much or even more fun than the kids. Hallie was a green witch and was tired of carrying her broom so Ryan used it as part of his costume and would ride it and lead the other kids to the next house...

Ryan and I didn't get into the dressing up thing, maybe next year, so we used all the accessories that the kids didn't want to hold as our costumes.

I think Paige realized all the candy was in the pumpkin. She worked really hard at trying to figure out how to dump it all out. We finally helped her and showed her how to separate it.

We have taught her well... She went straight for the chocolate. Sorry Paige, next year you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, but for now, THANKS!!

Cute Cute Cute

Do you ever think that your baby can't get any cuter???

Well I do and then another day comes and I get to pick out another outfit and dress my my size barbie and BAM...

She is even cuter!

Everyday I can't believe how blessed we are with this little cutie! Everyday her personality shines more and more. I can't believe how much and how fast she is growing!!

She finally wore all of her 6-9 month outfits. Hopefully she can wear each outfit a couple more times before she out grows them and we have to start all over...

Paige we love you!!!

I Promise...

I promise we are still alive!! We are finally getting back in to a normal routine after pretty much living at my sisters and helping her with her move. So watch out!! There is going to be alot of posts coming up :)