Thursday, February 14, 2013

Story Time

Ok so I guess after 22 weeks its about time to tell the blog world...

Well Ryan and I are going to have another BABY!!

I was really surprised that we actually got pregnant and it happened so fast. We had only been trying for a couple months. I wanted to surprise Ryan with the news instead of a text message or something else lame. So Paige helped me set the table and make a nice dinner. On the table was a picture of Ryan and I, Paige as a baby and an empty frame for Baby Applonie. 

We had also set up the bathroom with all of Paige's baby dolls with the pregnancy test by them. 

Now I just needed to figure out a way for Ryan to go back there when he got home instead of immediately sitting down and eating dinner with us... Lately we have had some spiders in our house and I usually cover them with a cup and make Ryan kill them when he gets home. Perfect! So as soon as he walked in I told him there was a huge spider in the bathroom sink that was waiting for him to dispose of. He rolled his eyes at me and proceeded to head to the bathroom. 

Much to his surprise there was NO SPIDER!!

Baby Applonie is arriving June 16th 2013 

and Paige is going to have a little SISTER!!!