Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jackson WY

We spent a day and traveled with Ryans parents and his brother Mike and family to Jackson Wyoming to Jenny Lake. It is a huge lake at the base of the Teton Mountains.

Here is a smaller peak of the Teton Mountain Range

Ryan giving Eme a ride with the Tetons behind them

We took a boat across the lake and hiked to a water fall

Idaho Falls

One day while Ryan's parents were working we decided to go to Idaho Falls and walk around the greenbelt. It follows the river and the falls which are right next to the Idaho Falls Temple.


One of my favorite things about summer is SMORES!! I love the gooey marshmallow goodness! Ryan has started a couple of fires at his parents house for us to enjoy this delicious treat!

Eme helping her dad and Dona making smores

I told you I LOVE SMORES!! yay for summer time :)

Bear Lake

Ryan and I flew from Michigan to Utah to spend some time with his side of the family. We were able to go to Bear Lake and spend a few days enjoying the sunshine and NO HUMIDITY!!

Of course most of the time was watching the world cup (thank goodness its only every 4 years!) and golf. But when there was a break between games and I enjoyed the time outside with Ryan.

We played ladder ball

And some croquet

And some bocce ball which I dominated at!!

Even though we never made it down to the beach and the water was way to cold for jet skiing, it was a great weekend! I have really enjoyed having a normal life again with Ryan and not having to worry about school :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sugar Daddy

Just wanted to quickly say HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dads and soon to be dads out there!!

To my dad thanks for EVERYTHING you have done for me... I might not have always understood why or appreciated it but I DO NOW :) I LOVE YOU

To Scott (Ryan's dad) thanks for raising such a hard working and driven son. I know he is everything he is because of how you raised him. Also thanks so much for what you have done for our little family. We can always count on you for support.

An Ryan.... Words can not express the love I have for you and how proud I am of you. Thanks for cooking dinner when I don't feel like it. And taking out the stinky trash and putting up with me through the ups and downs of being newly married :) I love you so much!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Soccer

Ryan has been loving all the soccer on tv during the World Cup games!! He has been growing his facial hair out to show his FIFA spirit :) Anyone that knows the Applonie boys know that they can't grow facial hair!!

I tried to take a picture to show how much or should I say how little and how sporadic his hair grows on his neck. You might have to zoom in to see better but I can't wait until he shaves :)

Kid at Heart


Ryan has been such a trooper and has been entertaining the kids all day! He opened new galaxies in Mario Galaxy 2. Taught Brendan the goalie position in soccer and how to drop kick the ball. Played freeze dodgeball or whatever other games they make up :)

We found out that Ryan has never been to Chucke Cheese so we had to take him there so he could get the full experience of coming to Michigan and playing with the kids!

Ryan hit the super bonus at the last game with the last token. Andrew and Brendan also hit the bonus at the same time at two different games :)

Ryan and I also went on a lunch date to a local Indian resturaunt to celebrate Ryan doing so good on his finals :)