Thursday, March 7, 2013

25 weeks

I thought I better hurry and write down how this pregnancy has been so far. I can't believe it has gone by this fast and we only have 14 weeks until we meet this little one.

This pregnancy has been a breeze. I was fortunate to not have and nausea or morning sickness. My only symptom really has been exhaustion. I take a nap everyday with Paige, which is something I would do before I got pregnant :) I also craved anything salty in the first trimester. I wanted salt and vinegar chips for days. I finally got some and ate almost a whole bag and haven't touched them since. I wanted cashews, popcorn, top ramen... Anything that was super salty and not sweet. I also was and still am, constantly thirsty.

At one point I wanted salads. Everyday for lunch I would eat a salad.

My only food that I don't agree with is pizza. It gives me super bad heart burn. I can eat sweets but after just a few I am done. I used to love cake and cookies but now after a few Oreos or a piece of cake, I can't eat anymore :(

I am starting to get huge and my hips hurt every once in a while. I feel like they are out and need to be popped back in. The baby is moving like crazy and it is weird to watch my belly move as she kicks.

At 25 weeks I have gained 15lbs and hope not to go over my goal of not gaining over 30. I do have three little marks that are appearing and I know that it's just the start of many more to come sadly. This baby is front and center and I know I am going to huge by the end.

I hope it continues to go smooth because we have a lot going on in the next three months. Ryan is done with rotations in 4 weeks! We go on our big group vacation in 6 weeks. Move in 8 weeks back to Michigan. Ryan's actual graduation is May 18th and we have a baby 3 weeks later... Like I said BUSY!!