Friday, April 27, 2012

A Little Pick Me Up

So Ryan's grandpa is not feeling well and his mom has been going down to Utah to see him every weekend so I thought here is a little sunshine to brighten your day Dona and well brighten everyone's too... ENJOY!!

Thanks Des for the super cute romper!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Christmas Miracle

Ryan and I have witnessed a Christmas miracle... PAIGE IS CRAWLING!! I really thought this day would never come. Well I knew it would be I really thought she would walk before she crawled and I thought it would be after her first birthday. But she did it!! She still scoots most of the time but she is crawling now too.
Paige also has moved up a size in clothes and is now wearing 12-18month clothing. It's the same emotion every time I have to switch clothes. It was sad to think that she is bigger and not a baby anymore, but I love dressing her in new outfits. You really get bored of the same thing for three months. Every day she looks so cute!Paige also is becoming a weird sleeper. I don't know if it is cause she is teething and/or because she is getting older. She still sleeps great at night 8-8 but some days she will take two great naps or one short one long or one really long one. But the weird part is the positions she likes to sleep in. I lay her down and after I leave she sits up and then is so tired she just falls over. I always find her in this position with her feet underneath her on her tummy. Last night I went into the room to put her blankets back on her and noticed that her pants were OFF! silly girl
Paige is continuing to grow. We just bought her a big girl car seat so she can sit forward facing and check out everything.
Her hair is getting longer and can almost be put into baby piggy tails.
She loves snacks. One day I gave her a small bowl of goldfish and she dumped them all over the floor so she could pick them up and eat them easier.
Paige is starting to like watching TV. When she wakes up in the morning and I am not quite ready to get up. She sits on my bed and watches Curious George. When I make dinner I turn on Mickey Mouse and she will sit there and watch most of it. I am kinda glad cause this will make traveling so much easier!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paiges 1st Easter

Easter Eve: Saturday we received a package from my parents. They sent Paige a basket of goodies and candy for Ryan and I. We wanted to dye Easter eggs and so I called my grandma to ask her how to boil eggs. I know sounds funny but we have never done it before. I don't like hard boiled eggs and Ryan isn't a huge fan as well so we only did enough eggs we could each do one and take some pictures. Paige kept trying to eat the egg and grab the cups so we strapped her into her hair chair and gave her a plastic egg to entertain her until we cleaned up the dye.

Easter Morning: Since we have church at nine and Paige doesn't wake up until that time we weren't able to do the basket and find eggs before church. When we got home we hurried and took pictures in Paige's Easter dress because it was way past nap time and she was getting mad. But when she woke up from a nap she was ready. We opened one egg from her basket that had goldfish in them and then she wanted more so she set out to find more. She would scoot around and find the eggs, shake them, and if they made a noise she would hit them together to try to break them. The Easter bunny brought her lots of things. Her basket was filled with beach toys that she can play with when we go to South Carolina. She had some sunglass, a purse and a pearl necklace. The Easter bunny also brought Ryan some goodies. He got some of his favorite ice cream bars that he used to eat on his mission, some candy and a trophy. I can't tell you what the trophy is because you might just get it for Christmas this year from us :)

Easter Dinner: I decided to do something a little different and try new things this Easter. Instead of a traditional ham, we had a herb roasted pork tenderloin, asparagus with a Dijon vinaigrette, red potatoes, rolls and a tossed salad. Everything turned out delicious. Paige loved it too!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Paige is a funny girl. She is learning more and more every day! She loves books and will get them off her book shelf and we will read them over and over and she loves to point at the pictures and turn the pages. She is always watching us and will try to do things that we are doing. As soon as she hears the dish washer open she is scooting as fast as possible to get there and "help" unload it even if we are loading it. When I am cooking and getting in the cupboards she is right there opening them after I close it. Our new favorite is her helping with laundry. She will pull the clothes out and put them in.

Paige likes to try to put things on her feet. She will find her shoes and try putting them on. She will even try to do it with socks. Ryan was separating the laundry and matching socks and Paige was trying to put her socks together. I see her doing her own chores very soon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Reality

Where to start... This last month I was on a month long vacation. I spent a few weeks at my sister's house in Indiana and my younger sister even came out and stayed a week and played with us. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed playing outside.

Paige also loved following her cousins around and playing with them. Then if things couldn't get better, Ryan had a week off of work. We had to go back to Kirksville for a couple of days for end of the year testing. It was fun to go back to Missouri and see our friends.

We were going to enjoy the rest of spring break by going to Canada and then to New York but the weather said it was going to SNOW so we stayed home and it was perfect. It was fun to wake up to the sound of Paige and Ryan laughing in the morning. And it was nice not to have to change all those diapers.... Well all great things come to an end... Ryan is back working at the hospital and its just Paige and I here at home.

Today Paige is 11 months! She has four teeth coming in. In four short weeks she will be ONE! In one year Ryan will be completely done with rotations and we will be enjoying a month and a half vacation before graduation in May. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Paige is changing so much. She is almost crawling. She'll crawl a couple of times and then resort to scooting. I think she likes it better because her hands are free to do and hold whatever she wants. She pulls her herself on to everything and walks along it until she reaches the end and then goes back and forth. She will let go and stand up by herself for 30 seconds. Ryan and I are constantly yelling at each other, "Look at Paige! Hurry! Did you see that?" Paige is so funny. She jabbers all day and waves and points her finger at us. I can't wait until she actually forms words and sentences cause I can only image what she is telling us.

She is still an amazing eater. We bought some baby food for her because we thought it would be easy to give her while traveling. She hated it. She ate it but made faces the whole time. She only eats table food and we are so excited to give up formula next month. We are testing out sippy cups and are trying to have her off her bottle soon. Also we are phasing the pacifer. We only use it for naps and bed time.

I can't believe my baby is becoming a toddler. In one week Paige went from rolling around her crib, to sitting up, to standing up, to falling out! We lowered her crib. We baby proofed the cabinet because Paige was getting into stuff under the sink.