Monday, August 29, 2011

Mother of FIVE

We have been busy busy BUSY around here!

My sister had this little cutie on 8/17/11 and I had the pleasure of watching her kids while she was in the hospital and helping with them after she got home until my mom was able to come out. For a few days I was a mother of FIVE!!! It was fun but exhausting. I am so used to taking care of one baby and the luxury that comes with it... Sleeping in and taking daily naps.

We took care of Andrew (7) Brendan (5) Hallie (4) Kyla (18 months)
my sister has red hair

and can't forget this little cutie Paige (3 months)

We spent our days going playing games and going back and forth to the hospital. The day after my sister was released we celebrated Hallie's 4th birthday!!

She is a loved little girl! Here she is sporting her new snow white dress and her Rapunzel hair, lets just say we love princesses in our family!! Paige was even playing with a few of her dolls :)

Other exciting news is that during that time Paige rolled over (see videos below) and has found her thumb!!

I think it is cute and she can do it for a while. I know it can affect their teeth and jaw structure but for now it is adorable!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Honeymoons Over

Today is our 3 year anniversary!!

Even though the honeymoon is long over we are still in love :)

We have had quite the year... we made several road trips to Michigan and to South Carolina, Ryan started and finished his 2nd year of medical school.

We went through a lot of medical treatments that ended in us adopting the most beautiful baby girl EVER!!

We moved to Grand Blanc, MI and Ryan started his 3rd year of medical school and we have been experiencing a lot of new first as a family!

Also the honeymoon stage of Paige is starting to fade... I mean we still love her to death, but she is changing. We think she is in the beginning stages of teething. She is chewing on anything! Her shirt is always wet from drool and she is starting to get a little fussy.

And now she is starting to roll over!!
(don't mind my voice in the video! I was kinda excited to capture the moment)

On Sunday I put her on her stomach to show how strong she is getting and she rolled over to her back. She has done it both ways rolled left and right from stomach to back!!

and can't wait to see what the next year brings :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome Jaxon

Sorry don't know how to flip it...

Tarbet boys

My sister had her baby boy yesterday morning... Jaxon Ryan Tarbet 9lbs 7oz 21inches!! He is a big boy but is cute as can be. He has red hair just like his siblings!!

Congrats Don and Christina!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Weekend

Look at this girl!! Isn't she cute in her Sunday best?!?!

Yesterday we spent the day with our friends in south Detroit. We had a bbq and then went to a show called 100 years of Broadway and it was amazing, even though it was pouring!! They had some people that performed on Broadway sing some of the popular songs from the shows. My favorite was a whole segment from the Phantom of the Opera. The two performs were both the lead singers for like 10 years and they fell in love and are now married and they were AMAZING!!

Thanks Childs and Irivns for such a fun day!!

And here is some more pictures of this little girl. She is getting bigger everyday :(

And she is so smart!! She likes this new toy. She stands up in it and does quite well grabbing and playing with the toys.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whats happening at our House

Some one is getting excited for grandma Coburn to come....

Thats right next week my sister is having her little guy and my mom will be out to help with the newborn and we are excited to have some visitors in Michigan!!!

This little one gets cuter and cuter everyday :)

Ryan has started Paige on soccer. She seems to enjoy watching it, I don't know if "it" is actually the soccer game or just staring at the computer screen, but it keeps her happy!

I took a picture of them watching it and she looks up, saw the camera and started smiling! I think we have her almost trained :)

Other things, I wanted something to hang in front of a mirror we have in our hallway so I looked up some crafts I could make. This wreath was super easy and I actually did it while I was talking on the phone with my mom and its less than 10 bucks!!!

Its made from burlap so it has texture and it goes well... there are a few things I would do different next time but it works for now!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Perfect Toy

My sister always raves about this ball toy that her kids play with and I am glad to say that I have jumped on the band wagon too!!

Its bright so I catches their eye

The wholes in it make it super easy to grab

Its soft plastic so its safe to chew on

And its a ball!!
Paige loves this thing! Can't you tell?!?

Take that Missouri

One of the things that I really REALLY didn't like about Missouri was the heat and humidity!! I am thrilled to say that we have perfect weather this week here in Michigan :)

It was about 75 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze! So nice that I opened the windows and sliding doors to let it in! If we were in Missouri we would be sweating our brains out. I wouldn't open our windows until late September when it isn't humid anymore.

Paige and I took advantage of this nice weather and have been playing outside. I laid the blanket so it was in the shade for her and the sun for me. Aren't I nice?? And we took a little nap together!

Don't you wish you were here too??

Friday, August 5, 2011

Missing This

This weekend in Raspberry Days at Bear Lake. Ryan's family always spends the weekends there at his grandparents cabin and guess where we are?? NOT THERE :(

We're missing out on good ole male bonding!

Spending the day jet skiing on the lake

And Raspberry milkshakes!!

4 years ago, Ryan and I kinda started dating when I went with my brother to Bear Lake to hang out at his friends cabin... You know the rest :)

Now we're married and have this little cutie!

I guess hanging out with her is just as fun as spending the weekend at Bear Lake!!