Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We are Home!!

We were able to be discharged from the hospital on Saturday. Paige was ready for us to all be home again. Friday night she was so sad when the baby and I didn't leave the hospital and go home with them. She slept in "mommys" bed that night. 
Paige is a really good helper with Hayden and is constantly wanting to feed her and help change her diaper. 

Hayden is all ready to go home!
Ready for our first night at home
Evidence that Paige was here

Oh and Paige is getting better at telling us she has to go poop. We aren't really training her right now but it is nice that she wants to do it and is almost ready to start!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hayden Maxine Applonie

Here is Hayden's story.... If you don't want all the details skip to the bottom to see pictures of our new little cutie!!
Ready to be a big sister!!

 I thought I would hurry and write down the past two days while it is still fresh in my cloudy, hormonal head. Lets first start back a few weeks ago when I finally met my OB in Michigan. I had been told all along, based off of my first ultrasound, that my due date was June 16th a week after the original due date based on my "monthly gift". So when I went to the doctor they only change the original due date if based on the ultrasound changes the due date by ten days. Since the 16th was only seven days from the 9th she moved my due date back to June 9th. That was nice but at the same time worried me a little bit since we had just moved, our insurance hadn't been approved yet and I was now 37 weeks and technically go at any moment. Well things worked out and we got settled and insurance finally was approved so that brought a sense of relief. I went to my weekly appointment and she asked how I was feeling. I told her that I was starting to feel pressure in my pelvis and she asked if I wanted to have the baby. Of course I said yes and she asked how about Friday. 

I checked into the hospital Thursday night to be monitored and to start a cervical prep so help soften my cervix some more and to help me dilate. Friday morning (6/7/2013) they started me on pitocin and things went really slow. Hayden was head down but face up. Her spine was on my spine which cause a lot of back pain during the contractions. They kept making me change positions to help her turn so she was facing my spine. It took a couple hours to go from a 1.5 to a 2.5. At 11:30am I was a 3 and they broke my water. That made the contractions more frequent and more intense. I wanted to wait as long as possible for the epidural because even though it helps you relax, it can slow down your labor. We were kind of on a time restraint because we only had our babysitter until 4:30 because she had other commitments. We started to get a little worried at 12:30 when I got my epidural and I was only a 4. We hurried and called some friends that could come get Paige since we thought we would be her all night with how slow things were progressing. Ryan left about 1ish to head home and pack a bag for Paige. When he came back at 1:45 I was checked and I was now at a 9.5. They said call them if I feel any pressure. Well it didn't take long for me, because a few minutes later I told the nurse that I had pressure down there. I just thought I needed to go to the bathroom. She hurried and called the doctor and when she came in and checked me, she was able to feel and see the head. She asked if I felt like I needed to push and if I wanted to try. I said yes! I pushed six times and they hurried and gowned up and prepped for the baby to come. At this hospital, everything is done in your room; labor, delivery and recovery. While they were gowning up she said if you feel like pushing don't wait for me just do it. About another six pushes later Hayden was out at 2:48. Two hours before I was a 4 and now I had a baby!!

Glad it is all over and definitely not as bad as I had imagined. I am so proud of myself for not yelling at Ryan and blaming him for everything and not swearing during the delivery.

She was perfectly pink! 
Weighing in at 6lbs 14oz 19inches long

Ryan was great during the whole thing and was able to cut the cord. He didn't help with the delivery medically speaking but there was so many people in here and it was so fast. 

Paige loves Hayden. She was so excited to see and hold her. Hayden started making noises and Paige was quick to console her and tell her it was ok. 

I can't believe that we have two girls now and are a family of four. Tomorrow Hayden and I get to go home and we are excited to be all together!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

39 Weeks

Well it is starting to really hit Ryan and I that we could have a baby this week. I baby that has to come out of me. We were so spoiled last time to just show up to the hospital and there was Paige! I feel a little bad because I really haven't documented this pregnancy and my ever growing belly. I hate talking self portraits in the reflection of the mirror and by the time Ryan gets home to take them I am usually back in sweats and my hair is all messed up from taking naps with Paige. So that's my excuse for lack of pictures. I feel very fortunate to have such an easy pregnancy and for being almost done, still being very comfortable and able to sleep at night.
Even though I can't wear my wedding ring for more than a hour, I am glad I can still shave my legs and bend down and paint my toes :) We are already for baby girl to get here. Everything is washed and stored where it should be. I still need to pack a bag for the hospital but will worry about that when the time comes. So keep checking back cause any day there could be pictures of our newest addition!!!!