Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Road Trip to Nauvoo

This past weekend, my sisters kids had school off and Ryan just happened to have to go to Kirksville for some school meetings and Paige and I decided to hang out in Nauvoo with my sisters family. My brother Ryan and I watched the kiddos in the morning so Don and Christina could do a session and then we all set out and explored Nauvoo. Ryan had never been there before and it was fun to go back since we used to live so close. 
 We first stopped by the visitor center and Paige loved the big statues. There was one of Jesus and she kept looking at it and saying "Jesus" in her little voice. It was so cute.

 We next stopped by the Family Living Center and the kids made rope and how to make other things that they needed back in the day. 

Paige sat so good for the first couple and then....

She just wanted to play with Kyla!

 Nauvoo is beautiful in the fall.

Paige loves her Uncle Ryan 

Sitting with her brick at the brick yard

Joseph Smith's Grave

We stopped by Carthage Jail before Ryan did an evening session. Carthage is such a spiritual place. 

Our little cutie! 

 They were having a big Halloween party in Nauvoo. The streets were lined with over 500 carved pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paige Please Stop Growing!

 Oh my gosh I can't believe how much Paige is growing up and how fast! It really is sad but she is so fun and I love it when things actually start clicking. It makes me feel like I am getting things right. 

Paige's new thing is  "cheese". She knows what a camera is and says cheese and smiles. She also walks around with either my phone or her play phones and says cheese and keeps repeating it until you turn and smile at her.

 Her "Cheese" Face

How can you not love this face?!?

In other news Ryan has gotten two interviews for residency...
St. Louis MO and Mount Clemens MI