Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life in Indiana

So Ryan and I decided to finish our fourth year of medical school out west so we could see family during the holidays. So we packed up our apartment and put it in a storage unit until May when we will head back to Michigan for our five year residency in orthopedics.

Since we have two more weeks until we leave and we are out of our apartment, Paige and I headed to my sisters to hang out until she has her baby.
Sorry the pictures are out of order but enjoy!
Turkey Dinner
We took the batter away
Super Paige
Takes after her dad... Loving some brownie batter
Driving in the car... She didn't like me singing Christmas music
How we eat Thanksgiving around here
Such a big helper
Waiting for the bus with Jaxon
It's an Apple kind of Day
Black Friday at Target
Helping Pack
Someone is ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner
Paige was sick for a few days and wouldn't eat or drink anything. I was so excited when she finally wanted some cereal.
What we stood in line at Target for... Milk and some crayons

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sounds of Sunday

Every night before Paige goes to bed we sing a few songs. Every time we drive in the car, wait at a doctors office, fly on an airplane or just sit around the house, Paige loves to watch the primary songs on my phone. She will bring me my phone and either say "Toodles" for Mickey or "I will Go" for primary songs.

(FYI if you moms out there haven't downloaded the sing along lite app on your phones, DO IT NOW!)

Paige LOVES looking at the pictures and listening to the primary songs. Ryan and I can't believe how smart she is and love listening to her versions of the songs. 

One morning as were watching our morning cartoons, Paige was also watching her songs and I decided to run and get my camera to record her.

Sorry the tv is so loud. Paige now knows that there are buttons on the tv and will turn it off and on and turn up the volume. Oh and she dropped the remote behind the bed and I just haven't moved the bed to get it. 

So turn up the volume. Relax and enjoy the Sounds of Sunday that we hear everyday in our house!!

Popcorn Popping

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Little Lady Bug

Last year I bought Paige a costume on clearance for $2.00!! 
Lets just say she was the cutest lady bug ever.

Last minute on Halloween we decided to go down to our friends the Childs and have a little Halloween party and go trick or treating in their neighborhood. 

Paige loved running around with these cute girls. And it was so fun to get together.

All day I made Paige say "Trick or Treat". She would say it and smile but that night, got scared and wouldn't say anything when they opened the door. Little Stinker!

Paige definitely loved all the candy and was biting through the wrappers to get to it.

Liam wanted that sucker so bad.

Happy Halloween!!